WELCOME TO We are experts at navigating the
challenging building permit process
on Long Island.
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WELCOME TO We are experts at navigating the
challenging building permit process
on Long Island.
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Expediting Permits

Captain Permit uses our unmatched knowledge of the building department processes, a custom approach to customer relations, and proper planning to ensure permits are obtained as fast as humanly possible.
Let us pass along our knowledge to you in order to help cut down on the wait time to get a permit. Why wait whenever you’re on a project? You’ll worry less with Captain Permit.

Work While We Work For You

Permits require a significant amount of paperwork, coordinating with contractors, and scheduling inspections. The process can be a full-time job while being tremendously tedious. Captain Permit was built with the goal of saving our clients time and money by allowing them to focus on what they do best, their current profession. We’ve developed systems, which make it easier for us to avoid issues and delays, so there is less wait time whenever you go with our service. Our goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied, and we do that through excellent customer service!

Do You Have A Permit Problem? Captain Permit Is The Solution.


Captain Permit

Open Permits/Legalizations

Captain Permit

Open permits and no permits for a structure or renovations are very common. However, these types of issues can cause massive problems when trying to sell or refinance your property, as well as a number of other scenarios. Captain Permit has helped thousands of clients close open permits and legalize their existing structures. If you have a project and are looking to get a permit, just knowing how long the process takes is enough to give you a headache. What we do is walk you through the process. Your time matters to us as we want to make sure your time isn’t spent dealing with the hassles associated with the permit process. There’s a reason we’ve been called “fast,” “efficient,” and “responsive.”

Welcome To

Long Island’s One Stop Shop Permit Company. We have a full staff of experienced drafters and architects in our office to take care of all your permit needs. We do everything in-house, so your project stays with us from the start to finish. Whether you’re a Homeowner, Real Estate Agent, Investor, or Contractor, you know that one of the most challenging tasks is obtaining or closing the ever daunting Building Permit. Allow Captain Permits knowledgeable staff to help guide you through the permit process and relieve you from this stressful undertaking. It can be overwhelming but Captain Permit is here for you.

One Stop Shop

Captain Permit

Captain Permit handles everything in-house. We have on-staff architects, drafters, assistants, and excellent resources of engineers, surveyors, plumbers, electricians, and contractors, to help you apply for and obtain any permit you are looking to receive. When you hire Captain Permit, you get a comprehensive group of design professionals who can resolve even the most complex permit and design issues. If you are looking for cost-effective solutions, let us help you meet your goals! We build lasting relationships with our customers because we care. Captain Permit wants to be your one-stop shop for anything related to permits. Call us today for more information.

Meet Our Team

Captain Permit has an elite team, all of whom are best-in-class! We specialize in legalizations, drafting, new construction, interior alterations and design layout, investment needs, small commercial projects, and more! No matter the size of your project, you can count on Captain Permit to be there when you need us most. With our experience and history in the field, you’ll find the process easier. Our team will walk you through the process while educating you on the permit procedure. We won’t let you down; that’s a promise!

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An Investor/Builder & Project's Best Friend

Captain Permit understands how important the relationship between time and money is for an investor. The average investor burns hundreds of dollars each day to carry a house when you factor in taxes, insurance, utilities, interest, and maintenance and not to mention the ever-changing property market values. Captain Permit takes the guesswork out of every permit situation. We have designed our systems to take measurements, generate plans, and submit permit applications quickly and accurately. These same systems have helped us achieve industry-leading turnaround times, which save our investors thousands on every deal while giving them peace of mind. Captain Permit provides all investors with a complimentary property file review if necessary. During the review, we advise you of possible permit issues that might come up on a title and how to get the process started early to minimize holdups. Once the title has been received, we confirm any violations or CO issues. We then instruct you on the fastest and most cost-effective way to remedy the issues. Did you know that not all permit issues and violations require additional plans and permits? This is one of the ways we save our clients money.

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Captain Permit

Have questions or concerns about the permit process? Captain Permit has the answer! Simply contact us here, at 516-513-8838, with any permit-related questions, and someone from our knowledgeable staff will gladly help to get the answers you are looking for. Our educated, well-trained staff has the experience and knowledge to ensure a smooth and pleasant transaction. Captain Permit is here to be a resource to the entire Nassau/ Suffolk community to help with anything permit related. Now, let us get you that permit!
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Captain Permit

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Mike and his team on my rental property in Bellport. Mike is incredibly knowledgeable about the ins and outs/standing operating procedures of the Town and what to expect from an investor’s standpoint. He has helped me on so many deals at this point I cant keep track. I am proud to consider him part of my team and always go to him when acquiring properties as is.”

-Michael Plactere

“I am a Realtor at Signature Premier Properties and my seller had two open permits and needed co’s issued before closing. We were really short on time. Mike and the staff at Captain Permit went above and beyond. They were professional and they got it done in record time. I highly recommend using them! I am so thankful for their help!”

-Jeanine Entenmann

“The team at Captain Permit really pulled through for me during an incredibly stressful time while I was selling my home.
They took care of various outstanding permit issues in a timely and professional manner. They were instrumental in getting my sale closed! I am very thankful to them.”

-John Mitchell

I hired Captain Permit to help me with permits for my house. They made it their job to answer every question I had and trust me… I had tons of questions. They were always available and right on top of everything with the town. They took care of all of the paperwork that had to be submitted and made getting permits such an easy process. Thanks Captain Permit!

-Sandy Oehler

“Captain Permit is the best of the best! I’ve had several clients need their services and they’re always there to deliver. Extremely responsive and knowledgeable, they’ve been able to solve the problems in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend working with them!”

-Nicole Schwartz

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