Open Permits

An open permit is one that has been obtained but never closed out. Closing an open permit can be as simple as one inspection or require renovation work and multiple inspections. Every case is unique.

Deck Permit

It is required for homeowners to have permits in order to build or add a deck to their home in just about any form. It is essential to get this permit in order to keep the county from fining you or forcing you to destroy the deck.

No Existing Permit

It is extremely common for renovations of all kinds to have been completed years ago without the required permits. Missing permits can be a major issue when trying to sell a house. Unfortunately, whoever owns the home at the time is responsible for legalizing the renovation or structure, even the work was done years ago. The process needed for most legalizations includes a new survey, architectural plans, plumbing permit, electrical underwriters certificate, architect’s letter, and more. Captain Permit offers comprehensive solutions to legalize any renovation or structure with no existing permit.

Electric/Plumbing Permits

Electric and plumbing permits are obtained once a building permit has been issued. This goes for both proposed work as well as maintenance. Captain Permit has an exceptional team of plumbers and electricians we can refer to our clients regardless of their situation or reason.

Interior Alterations

An interior alteration permit covers any renovation that is proposed inside a house or was previously completed without a permit and now needs to be legalized. Interior alterations consist of renovations such as sheetrock replacement, trim, doors, kitchen cabinets, finishing basements, and much more.

Extensions/New Construction

Nothing gets our creative juices flowing more than a new construction home or addition. Whether you’re looking to add an extension off of your living room, build a dormer, or construct a brand new home from the ground up. Captain Permit’s design professionals are up to date on all the latest design trends and regulations. From mild to wild. Moderate to high end. Our team has a creative solution guaranteed to make you fall in love with your home.

Subdivision Permits

One of our specialities at Captain Permit is working with investor developers. Our team has conducted numerous land divisions ranging from simple subdivisions that result in two new construction homes to 25 house communities. Whatever your subdivision needs, we have the experience and the staff to get the job done right.

Variance Permits

Variances are often required for renovations as simple as decks, pools, sheds, garage conversions, and more. During the variance process Captain Permit can appear in front of the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) on our clients behalf to ask for “relief.” Once granted, we will be allowed to legalize the existing renovation or proceed with building the proposed improvement.


Permits are necessary for just about every structure on a home, even the existing ones. This goes for Long Beach, NY as well as all of Nassau County. This includes any project that involves construction, carpentry, demolition, electrical work, plumbing, paving, and the installation of an HVAC unit.


Unfortunately, the process of applying for a permit can be timely and confusing. It can also be costly especially if you have to apply and reapply because you did not fill out the permit correctly. For example, it costs $300 for Nassau County to review your plans and specifications for each project. As a result, many homeowner building permits are sought after with the help of a professional to save both time and money.

In addition to the above, homeowner building permits are required for:

  • The installation or replacement of all or part of the roof.
  • Construction of a fence or to replace an existing fence.
  • To install or repair a Central heating or cooling unit that is powered by oil or gas.
  • The installation of bulk heading or docks.
  • For all plumbing work.
  • For all electrical work that must be performed by a licensed electrician.
  • To cut away any wall or portion as well as remove or alter any beams or supports.
  • For the installation of fire places, chimneys, or wood burning stoves.
  • The installation or replacement of siding.
  • To repave or replace a driveway or curb.
  • To replace or improve a sidewalk.
  • The installation of decks and porches.
  • To install a swimming pool, hot tub, saunas, or other swimming structure.
  • For additions or alterations to buildings and structures.
  • For new buildings and structures such as sheds, storage, or similar.
  • To remove, change, or close any required means of exit or stairway.
  • If you need to use a roll-off container or dumpster when placed on street.
  • Remember to call if you are unsure. You do not want to be fined for building without a permit.








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