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We are experts at navigating the challenging building permit process on Long Island. Call us before you take on the challenging process of obtaining a permit. We have the experience and skills when it comes to this process. You’ll find that we can help in most situations. If you are struggling, we won’t let you down because we understand what the process entails. Captain Permit is there to help the following clients in the legalization process of obtaining permits and architectural plans:

  • Homeowners
  • Contractors
  • Investors
  • Real Estate Agents

The overwhelming majority of improvements require multiple permits, surveys, and more. This is due to the health and safety of others. Without a permit, you’re doing work illegally. You could be fined as well as forced, by the county, to tear down any existing project. After all, it’s your finances, so protect them by going the legal route. Captain Permit has a team of experts that are well-versed in every type of permit as well as the process to obtain each.


Captain Permit

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    Open Permits

    Captain Permit

    An open permit is one that has been obtained but never closed out. Closing an open permit can be simple as one inspection or require renovation work and multiple inspections. Open permits are vital because they ensure that all necessary renovations are properly inspected and approved by local authorities. Without an open permit, contractors have no incentive to complete jobs according to code regulations since there is no oversight from local authorities.

    Deck Permit

    As a deck can enhance the look of any property and increase property value but, it can only be problematic if constructed legally. It is a requirement for homeowners to have a permit in order to add or build a deck to their home in just about any form. It’s mandatory to possess a deck permit to avoid hefty fines from the county. Also, the county could make you tear down the existing structure if already constructed without a permit.

    No Existing Permit

    Renovations and add-ons that took place years ago generally were constructed without permits. This can be a major issue for those trying to sell their homes. It is the responsibility of the current homeowner to legalize any structure built without a permit. Fortunately, Captain Permit is here to help.
    Legalizations may include the following:

    • New survey
    • Architectural plans
    • Plumbing permit
    • Electrical underwriters certificate
    • Architect’s document
    • And more!

    Electrical and Plumbing Permits

    Captain Permit

    Whenever a building permit has been issued, you’re able to obtain an electrical and plumbing permit. Regardless of the reason, Captain permit is fully equipped with a team of plumbers and electricians to refer our clients to. Obtaining the proper permits is vital to any project as it helps keep the project maintained while protecting the home or business owner, as it could compromise the safety and health of others.

    Interior Alterations

    Any work that is done inside a home or was previously completed without a permit has to be legalized, or work cannot commence until one has been obtained. Interior alterations consist of the following types of renovations:

    • Sheetrock replacement
    • Trim
    • Doors
    • Kitchen cabinets
    • Basement finishes
    • And more!

    Extensions and New Construction

    New construction to a home can get those creative juices pumping. But, if you’re looking to renovate or add an extension, you’ll need a permit to fit this type of construction. In our team of professionals here at Captain Permit, we stay up-to-date on design trends as well as regulations. Our team has the solution guaranteed to make you appreciate your home!

    Subdivision Permits

    Captain Permit deals with a lot of investment developers. We have conducted numerous land divisions, which ranged from simple subdivisions that resulted in newly constructed homes. So far, that particular subdivision has expanded to a 25-home community. We can help with any of your subdivision needs.

    Variance Permits

    Captain Permit

    Variance permits are often regulated for renovations such as the following:

    • Decks
    • Pools
    • Garages and sheds
    • Garage conversions
    • And more!

    During the permit process, Captain Permit can appear in front of the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) on behalf of our clients. Once the permit has been granted, Captain Permit can legalize the existing renovation or extension.

    Types of Projects permits are Required for

    In addition to the permits listed above, homeowner building permits are required for the following:

    • Plumbing work
    • Electrical work
    • Fireplace and chimney installations
    • Roof installations and replacements
    • Fence construction
    • Central heating/cooling system installations
    • Bulkhead and dock installations
    • Wall alterations and beam supports
    • Siding installations and replacement
    • Curb and driveway replacement
    • Sidewalk enhancements
    • Deck and porch construction
    • Swimming pool, hot tub, and sauna installations
    • Additions to buildings
    • New builds-sheds and storage facilities
    • Removal and closing of exits or stairways
    • Roll-off dumpster/container placed on a street

    Permit Process

    The process for applying for a permit can be a timely one. Often, it is a confusing process as well. If you have to reapply for a permit, it can end up costing a lot! Simple mistakes are made when applying for permits, such as incorrectly filling out paperwork. For example, it costs $300 for Nassau County to review any plans or specifications for a project. This is where we can help as homeowner building permits are sought after through the help of professionals. We’ll save you time, money, and headaches!
    solution guaranteed to make you appreciate your home!

    Why Do I Need a Permit?

    Permits are necessary for just about every structure in a home, even existing ones. This goes for Long Beach, NY, and all of Nassau County. This includes any projects that involve construction to include:

    • Carpentry
    • Demolition
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Paving
    • HVAC Installation
    • And more!

    Permit Types

    Types of permits we can help you with:

    • Commercial permits
    • Financial institution permits
    • Hospitality permits
    • Permit management
    • Sign program permits

    Have questions or concerns about the permit process?


    Captain Permit

    “It was an absolute pleasure working with Mike and his team on my rental property in Bellport. Mike is incredibly knowledgeable about the ins and outs/standing operating procedures of the Town and what to expect from an investor’s standpoint. He has helped me on so many deals at this point I cant keep track. I am proud to consider him part of my team and always go to him when acquiring properties as is.”

    -Michael Plactere

    “I am a Realtor at Signature Premier Properties and my seller had two open permits and needed co’s issued before closing. We were really short on time. Mike and the staff at Captain Permit went above and beyond. They were professional and they got it done in record time. I highly recommend using them! I am so thankful for their help!”

    -Jeanine Entenmann

    “The team at Captain Permit really pulled through for me during an incredibly stressful time while I was selling my home.
    They took care of various outstanding permit issues in a timely and professional manner. They were instrumental in getting my sale closed! I am very thankful to them.”

    -John Mitchell

    I hired Captain Permit to help me with permits for my house. They made it their job to answer every question I had and trust me… I had tons of questions. They were always available and right on top of everything with the town. They took care of all of the paperwork that had to be submitted and made getting permits such an easy process. Thanks Captain Permit!

    -Sandy Oehler

    “Captain Permit is the best of the best! I’ve had several clients need their services and they’re always there to deliver. Extremely responsive and knowledgeable, they’ve been able to solve the problems in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend working with them!”

    -Nicole Schwartz

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