Pre-Construction Services

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When people think about construction, they usually consider the building and fieldwork. While constructing the structure itself is essential, pre-construction and planning can be just as important.

Pre-construction services lay the foundation for the construction project as a whole. These services allow the contractor to describe a budget, process, time frame, and design for the project.

Pre-construction allows a client to get an idea of

  • Cost
  • Scope
  • Size
  • Materials
  • Design
  • And more!

Pre-construction services are an excellent way to establish a budget with a client. This service allows a client to determine which construction services work best and adjust the budget or time frame accordingly.

Pre-construction services are usually separate contracts from traditional construction services, allowing clients to view their options before committing to a construction contract. This process is convenient for both the client and contractor, as it enables both parties to determine the parameters for the project.

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Pre-Construction Services

AWA Business Corporation

Pre-construction services are the blueprints for a construction job or project. They give the construction crew framework for the project, all while giving the client a close look at the cost and scope.

Pre-construction allows construction crews to:

    1. Show the client any costs associated with the work:This stage of construction allows the construction team to discuss the project’s budget. This step is critical, as it determines the scope of the work provided. The client can adjust their budget to better suit their needs until they are happy with the project’s cost.
    2. Provide a mock-up of the project’s design: Creating a design schematic is a significant part of pre-construction. This phase allows the client to get a first-hand look at their project’s design. This mock-up design can help determine what the client wants out of the plan. It gives the client and team the ability to tweak the layout and design as needed.
    3. Estimate the amount of time the project will take: Clients and contractors should have an idea of the length of the project, even before starting it. Pre-construction services allow contractors to give clients an estimate of this time frame. This estimate provides the client with a tentative schedule for the overall project.
    4. Use preliminary data to estimate project scope: Using the layout and design blueprints, a construction crew can estimate the scope or size of the project. This estimation allows the team to give a more accurate budget and time frame for the project. Using past construction jobs as references, contractors can provide their clients an idea of the project’s overall size.
    5. Create a project schedule: Once pre-construction moves into its final stages, contractors will put their time estimates to the test by creating a full schedule of the services provided. This schedule allows the team to provide their client with a more accurate reflection of project duration.This step of the pre-construction goes into detail about the project’s various phases. These specific time estimates are beneficial for both the client and contractor. These additional estimates allow the contractor to provide a more accurate estimate of the project’s scope.
    6. Determine additional services: In large-scale construction projects, additional services are a necessity. These other services vary based on project size and scale.
      Standard services that pair with construction include:

      • Plumbing
      • HVAC
      • Electricity
      • Engineering
      • IT

      These additional services are also discussed with the client, as they vary based on project needs.

Benefits of Pre-Construction

AWA Business Corporation

Pre-construction is vital for project development, as it allows construction teams and clients to meet before actual construction begins. These services can help clear up misconceptions, concerns, and additional requests relating to the projects.
Pre-construction has the following benefits:

  1. It gives the client and contractor clarity
  2. Presents a budget and scope to the client
  3. Addresses any additional project concerns
  4. Provides blueprints for future project use
  5. Allows the client to adapt plans before work begins
  6. It gives the crew time to draft plans and schedules

Once the client successfully negotiates the pre-construction services, the project can continue into the construction phase. This phase of the project can continue seamlessly, as the crew has discussed most of the finer details during the pre-construction phase.

Pre-Construction Services with AWA Business Corporation

We have been providing quality construction services to the Department of Defense, Army Corps of Engineers, and other government agencies since 1996. At AWA Business Corporation, we focus on quality and efficiency. Our clients work hard, which is why we promise to do the same at any job.

For 24 years, we have overseen hundreds of projects for government contractors and agencies. We are based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, but have taken on projects across the United States. Our work ethic and experience set us apart from our competition.

Our team would be happy to discuss project needs and pre-construction services with your team. We are available via email or over the phone at 513-616-1412. We look forward to answering any questions you might have.


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